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We believe our coffee carries the ambience of the country from which it’s grown. Trusting our coffee’s quality from its birthplace, we roast by origin instead of blend. Explore this by clicking the country stars and learning more about the origins and flavours of the coffee beans we buy.

Bolivian Organic Close

A dark roast; tones of bittersweet chocolate, and very easy to drink.

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Cuban Close

A medium roast. Endorsed by Fidel Castro himself as the greatest coffee in the world. Full, lush, aromatic and rhythmic, this coffee has it all. Our Cuban beans include Extra Turquino Lavada, Altura Organic and Super Serano - all exclusive to Havana.

Cuban Extra

Rich, aromatic and rhythmic like the rum, cigars and music. We think, the best coffee in the world.

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Columbian Close

Always a little trouble brewing, this is an even, mild bean - clean and consistent, with well-balanced acidity. Medallion, grown in the central mountain range of Columbia’s coffee growing region, is the most famous of the country’s coffees. Carefully picked, wet processed and graded.

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East Timor Close

A medium roast. The low acidity level gives this coffee a real fruit and nut flavour with great body.

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east timor
Ethiopian Close

Ethiopia is where coffee is said to have been first consumed in the 9th century. Legend has it that a young boy noticed his goats dancing about and realised they had been munching on the red beans of the coffee plant. This coffee is earthy and slightly winey with a zing. One of our favourites.

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Indian Close

A dark roast. Like the beautiful people if India, this coffee is evenly dark, rich, smooth, soft and humble.

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Java Close

Java gives a heavy mocha, ‘chocolately’ bean. This Indonesian coffee, like its sister of Sumatra is a smooth pleasantly balanced bean.

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Kenyan Close

Very grunty medium to dark coffee; the strongest, snappy single origin. The main growing area in Kenya stretches south from the slopes of Mount Kenya almost to the capital, Nairobi. Its deep volcanic soils combined with ideal temperatures and rainfall produces one of the world’s best coffees.

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Mandehling Close

A light roast. Grown on the island of Sumatra, this coffee is heavy bodied, broody with a nutty, sweet finish. Not for the faint hearted, this coffee will leave you gasping for more.

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Mexican Organic Decaf Close

Swiss water processed, if you must, quite sweet but without the hit.

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Panama Close

Medium to dark roast, grown east of the canal. This well balanced, slightly mocha, mild mannered coffee has been helping keep the merchant sailors wide awake for those long journeys.

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Papua New Guinea Close

A dark roast with a full great body, low-acidity level, and a smooth sweet finish. This coffee possesses a little magic.

Papua New Guinea Organic

A dark roast with a distinctive smokey aroma, hints of spice, mixed with deep caramelised sugars for a smooth finish.

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papua new guinea

Full African coffee similar to Kenyan but with a fruity, crisp and citrusy essence.

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