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Havana is not just another roasting company. In 1990, we designed and built a fluid-bed, hot air roaster that runs on electricity. Our method is eco-friendly, fast, resulting in cleaner, sweeter tasting coffee - far superior to the old-style gas-fuelled systems. Now, other hot coffee companies have recognised the superior flavours and have begun to use hot-air too. Our knowledge and innovation speaks for itself.

Coffee beans are rather fragile and must be prepared correctly in order to delight our taste buds.

Roasting transforms the properties of green coffee beans, providing them their colour, taste, density and aroma. Unmistakably, the manner of roasting has a great deal of influence on the taste of the final roasted beans.

Air-roasted coffee is full of complex, delicious flavours and modern roasting techniques have moved away from traditional drum roasters, which have a tendency to 'over-bake', towards the exclusive use of fluidised, hot-air roasting.

The process involves using convective heat to roast the beans while they are suspended in a jet of hot air, heating the beans uniformly and caramelising the sugars. By roasting the beans in suspension, the roaster can control the temperature with great accuracy, delivering beans without risk of scorching or smoke permeation while maintaining moisture.

Being the first company in New Zealand to create and use an electricity-powered, hot-air coffee roaster, we know intimately the processes involved in creating first-class coffee. We believe the use of electricity and hot air in the roasting process to be the key difference in gaining a superior coffee taste with pure, sweet flavours.

Our pursuit of top-class coffee has led us to purchase a Petroncino 60-kilo hot-air roaster, and then modify it to run with electricity. With this passion for coffee and using this method, our lovingly selected beans retain their distinctive flavour.

Roasting excellence is in our blood.