Real Trade

Havana Coffee Works was pioneering the Fairtrade model in New Zealand as far back as 1997 and we continue the policy wherever possible when buying green coffee. Through our in-depth understanding of the coffee industry gained over many years, we have evolved the Fairtrade model into an even more ‘just’ working relationship with our suppliers. One that reflects our commitment to the sustainability, the longevity of the coffee industry and our passion for coffee.

Havana Coffee has advanced Fairtrade policy and beliefs by establishing and nourishing long-standing, close relationships with all the people involved in the production and distribution of green coffee.

Sourcing the finest quality green coffee directly from many different countries, we buy from growers who farm sustainably and who consistently benefit their communities through economic and social return.

Havana recognises the growers’ vulnerability as their product is traded on the international market. We choose to pay premium prices in recognition of the coffee farmers and the importance of the coffee industry to the many struggling economies where coffee is grown.

We make frequent visits to our suppliers, ensuring that all the processes are compliant with our trading agreements and that everyone involved is satisfied. These trips reinforce our grower, exporter, buyer connections and guarantee our ability to purchase quality coffee.

Our business practices reflect our values and by working in such a way, our rewards continue to be trusting, enduring, relationships with everyone we work with. From grower to roaster, roaster to consumer, the process is transparent, honest, and ‘real’.

It’s what we at Havana call... ‘REALTRADE’.